Scent atmosphere for Offices

Scent atmosphere for Offices

Scented offices, Creating an Efficient Work Force and Reduced Stress


Fragrance - The Subtle Element Of An Ideal Workplace

Creating a scent atmosphere in corporate offices can create a unique experience for Employees, Clients and Business Partners. It also contributes to enhanced performance of employees leading to better productivity.


Scent atmosphere for Offices


Scented offices, creating an efficient work force and reduced stress

A happy worker is a productive worker and the environment and surroundings therefore play an important role in this. Not only can scenting a commercial office or environment assist in alleviating these problems it can also create a more pleasant feel, efficient work force and reduce stress.

Ambergris Scent Atmosphere for Offices

A Rejuvenated Office & Enhanced Performance

Research shows people working in scented areas demonstrate a higher self-efficiency and are more likely to adopt efficient work strategies. Studies have shown error rates in typing significantly reduced when operators were exposed to lemon and lavender fragrance and an increased performance in speed and accuracy when scents such as peppermint were administered.

Fragrances affect mood, emotion and energy

Ambergris can create customized Scent Atmosphere for your office based on several factors like Type of office, Nature of work, Type of employees and many others thus helping you to create that ideal place to work!

Customized & Safe Scent Atmosphere for your office helps you to create that ideal place to work!

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