Scent Atmosphere for Retail

Scent Atmosphere for Retail

Scents create a Brand's character and recall value


Create a unique retail store experience through scent.

As a retail leader you understand the importance of good customer service and realize that a large portion of this is achieved through the in-store experience.


Scent Atmosphere for Retail


The Perfect Retail Layout, enhanced by scent.

Your store layout optimizes product presentation, the colour and style of your décor complements your brand and works in combination with in-store lighting and audio.

Scent Atmosphere for Retail


Imagine being able to enhance your brand on every sensory level. Imagine if you could continue connecting with customers long after you've closed your doors. You can, through the use of scent.

Ambergris can provide the perfect solution for scenting retail outlets

Develop Exclusive Bespoke Scents that complement a perfect ambience and create a powerful impression.

Retailers are seeing positive results in their bottom line with customers lingering longer in retail stores that have implemented scent branding. Let us help you create a unique retail experience with the use of a signature scent that captures the essence of your brand and engages your target market. It will become a lasting experience imprinted in people's memories long after they visited your store.

Ambergris can help you create a unique retail store experience through scents. Creating Bespoke Scents for Fashion Brands and Retailers. Scents create a Brand's character and recall value.

Exclusive Bespoke Scents that define your brand and retail outlets

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