Training for Perfume Store Sales Team

Training for Perfume Store Sales Team

Train your staff to be a trusted advisor to your customers


Customers need a lot of handholding to be able to choose the right perfume personality

Reading the the pulse of a typical Indian consumer when it comes to perfumes and fragrances is a subtle art. We are here to help the sales team to enhance the fragrance shopping experience for their buyer and mitigate the pain points.

Training for Perfume Store Sales Team


Needless to say that “World is a Global Village” from last decade at least. Earlier the designer perfumes which we had only heard of (Chanel No.5 for example) are not easily available in the Retail Stores and Online Sellers. Buyers are getting more and more aware about the different options available.

The Trusted Advisor & Solution Provider

Consumers are looking for a “Consultant” or “Solution Provider” than merely a Sales Professional

As a result, the expectation from Sales Associates in the Store has changed significantly. Consumers are looking for a “Consultant” or “Solution Provider” than merely a Personnel who shows them different options. Sales Associates are expected to go beyond remembering the perfume name and typical language to communicate like “Flower”, ‘Fruity” etc. They are expected to know much more about each perfume, they are expected to know the “Personality” of a perfume and suggest which one will suit to “Consumer’s personality.

The Making of a Trusted Solution Provider.

Sales and Fragrance Training that make a complete Fragrance Professional

Ambergris can educate your sales team not only about perfumes but also about how to address those “troubling” “Practical” issues and problems of consumer.

Ambergris is here to help you with the practical aspects of training complete fragrance professionals.

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