Fragrance Experience For Special Occasions

Fragrance Experience For Special Occasions

You have been activating four sense organs in each festival and celebration (Sight, Touch, Hearing and Taste) as it is part of Indian culture. Ambergris is here to activate the fifth sense “Smell”! We will help you creating a “unique pleasant fragrance experience” for your special occasion, which you and your dear once will remember for a long time to come!

While talking about “Indian Wedding” the first thing which comes into mind is “Celebrations!!!” We Indians love to celebrate each occasion and Wedding being certainly one of the most important. Why only wedding? Engagement, Birth of a Baby, Birthday, Anniversary you name it and we have hundred ways of celebrating each one of them.

Exotic Food to Bright and Sparkling Lighting, Lavish Clothes, Royal Decoration and Traditional and Modern Music... we don’t leave any stone unturned in treating and spoiling all senses!

Hold on… Did we mention “All Senses”? No…… not really…We do take care of 4 out of our 5 senses i.e. Sight, Touch, Hearing and Taste.. But what about Smell? What do we do to make sure each of the important member of the family and each of the venue smell good? Ironically…. Nothing!

To add to the irony, we neither have the knowledge nor skills to treat our olfactory receptors as a part of celebration.

That’s where we come to your rescue. Bride or Groom, Close relatives or friends, Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy, fiancé or fiancée or invited guests for that matter, we have creative fragrance experience ideas for all of them.

Marriage Hall or Ground, Party Hall or Home, we can make each venue of celebration smell good! Ambergris helps you to create special fragrance experience to make your celebration memorable!

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